Feed the Need


Fry’s usually has some good deals on hard drives, so I finally bit the bullet and picked up a couple 250GB Seagate PATA drives this past weekend since they were on sale for $70 after rebate. This gives my Beyond TV server a much needed storage boost from 300GB to 800GB.

I then saw that Fry’s had 300GB Seagate SATA drives on sale for $99 after rebate and decided to get a couple of those to boost my DVD storage from 400GB to 1TB of movie streaming goodness.

I finally have a decent amount of storage for my digital needs, which should last me awhile. I looked into getting a fancy media server like a ReadyNAS X6 or unRAID server, but couldn’t justify spending so much money on a box with no actual storage. I also felt I don’t need any redundancy for this storage since if anything happens to these drives all I lose is some recorded TV and movies that I can re-rip from my collection. If I outgrow the amount of drive space that’s available in my servers, then I’ll just throw them all in one big tower case.


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