Back to 2 HD Tuners


I spoke too soon after upgrading to 3 HD tuners in my Beyond TV server. When a 3rd scheduled HD recording starts I get this error in the logs:

PVSRecorder detected that a transport stream recording received no data for 30 seconds.

I noticed the recording that caused that error was stopped, but BTV still shows it as recording. I thought perhaps the antenna signal couldn’t be split 3 ways without more of a boost. However, as the 2 other HD recordings were going I manually started a 3rd HD recording and all is fine. No error and all 3 recordings are looking good.

This happened 3 times so far, so it’s consistent. However, as I stated this only happens when it tries to start 3 scheduled recordings. I can manually start 3 HD recordings and it’s fine.

I may try to unintall all my tuners and reinstall them one at a time to see if that helps. I’ll run my system with dual HD tuners for awhile to ensure stability first. This is pretty disappointing.


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