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I guess I was a bit naive to think that my CableCARD setup would be trouble free. I suppose I should be glad it’s not as bad as other peoples’ experiences. The Comcast tech came to install the cards yesterday, and it seemed to work except I was not receiving some digital channels like NFLNet, […]

TiVo S3 unit Hosted on Zooomr Photos of my brand-spankin’ new TiVo Series3 are posted on Zooomr.

Well, what can I say other than I caved. When I first heard about the TiVo Series3 (S3 for short) at CES 2006 I wanted one immediately. Then came the cable company DVR, which I snatched up. It was great to finally be able to record and timeshift premium HD shows, but the interface and […]

I’m sure there will be many disappointed by Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event today, but it was pretty much what was rumored. The new iPods looks slick, but I use Yahoo!’s Music Unlimited service, so iPods are no use to me. As specualted Apple announced downloadable movies via iTunes, but at a lowly 640×480 resolution. I […]

TiVo has officially released its much anticipated Series3 box, which is capable of recording premium HD cable channels (ex. ESPNHD, HBOHD, etc) without the need for a cable box. At $1100 ($800 for the box + $300 limited special on lifetime 3 yrs of service) it’s a bit expensive, but I assume TiVo feels that […]

Here’s hoping Apple announces PVR functionality with HDTV support to help round out their FrontRow media software at their “It’s Showtime” event tomorrow. This would definitely make a lot of HTPC enthusiasts wet their pants! I doubt this will be apart of their announcement since the rumor mill is heavily betting on movie downloads for […]

Snapstream has posted Maxium PC’s review of Beyond TV. It was a very brief review without too much detail, and they must be the first (or apart of the minority) who like the fact that Beyond TV and Beyond Media are separate products rather than one integrated media center experience. We like the ala carte […]