Maximum PC Reviews Beyond TV


Snapstream has posted Maxium PC’s review of Beyond TV. It was a very brief review without too much detail, and they must be the first (or apart of the minority) who like the fact that Beyond TV and Beyond Media are separate products rather than one integrated media center experience.

We like the ala carte approach that Snapstrem has taken with its product.

Snapstream should be proud of themselves since this was a very glowing review:

The bottom line is that Beyond TV is, hands down, the best PVR software we’ve tested for the PC.

It’s interesting to see Maximum PC make statements like:

Instead of kowtowing to the interests of Hollywood content providers in the hope of forming “partnerships,” Snapstream has actually built a piece of software with your best interests in mind.

I feel it’s important for companies like Snapstream to think about partnerships that would help bolster their product. For example, working out a deal with CableLabs and/or Microsoft to enable the use CableCARDs with Beyond TV for recording premium HD content from cable providers. This would be high on my list, so I can record content from ESPNHD, HBOHD, etc, and send back Comcast’s Motorola DVR. Over-the-air HD is great, but it’s I still just a portion of the great HD content out there.

I’m probably still going to grab a copy to see the other info they published about media center PC’s, but it was nice to check out the BTV review.


4 Responses to “Maximum PC Reviews Beyond TV”

  1. Yeah, I agree, it was funny to see Maximum PC give us a pat on the back for _not_ having the products integrated.

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