It’s Showtime: Is it really, Apple?


I’m sure there will be many disappointed by Apple’s “It’s Showtime” event today, but it was pretty much what was rumored. The new iPods looks slick, but I use Yahoo!’s Music Unlimited service, so iPods are no use to me.

As specualted Apple announced downloadable movies via iTunes, but at a lowly 640×480 resolution. I can understand if you’re marketing these movies as useful for playback on your video iPod, but on your big screen TV? C’mon! Not to mention paying pretty much full price for a movie at a lower resolution than the actual DVD. That sounds familiar.

Finally, the announcement of Apple’s iTV, which is simply a video output device that will allow you to wirelessly stream content from your Mac to your TV. It will have HDMI and component video outputs (assuming for HD content), but it’s no PVR solution. Apple is still banking on their iTunes sales, and relying on companies like Elgato to provide the actual PVR functionality to the Mac, based on this quote from Steve Jobs (taken from

We think it completes the picture here.

I suppose that’s not a bad idea since Elgato’s EyeTV 2 now has a 10ft interface that integrates with Apple’s Front Row software although I’m not sure how well it works compared to other PVR software. Perhaps an acquisition by Apple could put this product over the edge?


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