Now Available: TiVo Series3 HD Box


TiVo has officially released its much anticipated Series3 box, which is capable of recording premium HD cable channels (ex. ESPNHD, HBOHD, etc) without the need for a cable box. At $1100 ($800 for the box + $300 limited special on lifetime 3 yrs of service) it’s a bit expensive, but I assume TiVo feels that if you have the cash to spend on an HDTV, then this really isn’t too bad.

If you are one of the few who can afford this box, then good luck going through the headache to get the needed CableCARDs from your cable provider. I’m sure they’ll try to make replacing their HD DVR as painful as possible. Also, be aware that Multi-Room Viewing and TiVoToGo is not yet available since CableLabs does not want people pirating all that HD goodness. Too bad for those who just want fair use. From their Series3 FAQ:

Will the TiVoToGo™ feature and Multi-Room Viewing be available on the Series3 HD?
As always, TiVo’s goal is to make all of the Emmy® award-winning TiVo service features available on all of our hardware platforms. Because TiVo worked directly with Cable Television Laboratories Inc. (CableLabs®) to enable the recording of digital standard definition and high definition channels with the TiVo Series3 HD box, this product has unique requirements, including what content can be taken off of the DVR and in what form. TiVo is working with CableLabs and our own engineering team to enable both Multi-Room Viewing and TiVoToGo functionality in a future release.

I think I’ll stick to my Beyond TV setup. No premium HD (just over-the-air HD), but I still get to distribute my recordings around my home via Beyond TV Link PCs, I have much more recording storage (key since HD recording take up a lot of room), and I’m not limited to just 2 tuners like the Series3 TiVo (I need more than 2 to record the new Fall shows).


3 Responses to “Now Available: TiVo Series3 HD Box”

  1. 1 John

    I see that you get 3 years of Tivo service for $299. Where did you see lifetime service for $300?

  2. Sorry to get your hopes up, John. You’re right. I meant to say 3 yrs of service for approx $300. I’ve corrected that in the post.

  1. 1 Project HTPC » Blog Archive » I’m a new TiVo User!

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