Add unlimited tuners to Windows Media Center


From Missing Remote | Here’s something pretty cool for Windows Media Center users who hate the tuner limitation (2 analog, 2 digital) and are afraid of registry hacks. MCE Tuner Extender allows you to add as many tuners as your PC can handle to Windows Media Center, including the upcoming Vista edition!

MCE Tuner Extender is a tool to extend the number of tuners that you can use in Microsoft Windows Mediacenter.

Standard you can only use 2 analog tuner cards in Windows Mediacenter, but I always felt the need to use more tuners and didn’t understand why Microsoft didn’t want use to use more than two analog tuners.

With MCE Extender you can use more then just two Tunercards, and configure as many tuners as you like.

Today is the release of the first beta version of the tool. I was not able to test the tool very deep, because I don’t have a Media Center 2005 PC available, I only use Windows VISTA MCE, so I can confirm it works on VISTA.


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