Control Beyond TV with Slingbox


This review of the Slingbox AV mentions how to create your own remote in Slingbox that can control your Beyond TV setup. This could be the bit of news I’ve been waiting for to get a Slingbox.

Orb is great for streaming pre-recorded shows, but I’d rather use a Slingbox to stream LiveTV via Beyond TV since Slingbox does just that…controls Beyond TV. Orb would take over the tuners that Beyond TV uses, and I’d rather not worry about missing recordings due to that or other potential issues with the two co-existing together.

My real PVR configuration, however consists of a home-built, dual tuner BeyondTV box that I built back when I reviewed BeyondTV months back. Sling has an extensive library of codes to control different devices in all sorts of categories, and they’re adding more all the time… but there weren’t any codes available to control BeyondTV using the Slingbox and the remote control I’ve been using with it (the 45 button Hauppauge remote that came with my PVR-150 tuner cards), so I made one.


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