Photos of my Zune

Zune - fits nicely in my handZune – fits nicely in my hand Hosted on Zooomr

I picked up Microsoft’s new Zune digital media player a few days after it was released, and I must say I’m pretty impressed. I knew I didn’t want an iPod since I had the old iPod mini, but thought the scroll wheel was just too sensitive for me. I would fly by things, and just didn’t use it very much. I was deciding between the Creative Zen Vision:M, and the Zune. Once I played around with the Zune in the store I had to have it. The screen is great, full screen album art is very nice, and I love being able to personalize it by using any photo as my background.

I was able to take advantage of Beyond TV’s Showsqueeze feature, which transcodes recorded shows into DivX or WMV. I used the preset profile for the Creative Vision:M since the screen resolution is the same as the Zune. What’s so nice is that I was able to do this with my remote from the comfort of my couch. Just set my ShowSqueeze preferences to use WMV with the Creative Vision:M profile, then navigated to the recorded shows and set them to ShowsSqueeze. Once the shows were transcoded I opened the Zune software and synced the shows to my Zune. Nice and easy!

Check out the photos.


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