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Xbox 360 Elite: Interview with Microsoft’s Albert Penello – Gizmodo Gizmodo: When will we be able to record live TV and have some of the same networks that are on cable using Xbox 360? Penello: That’s the announcement we made at CES around the IPTV and Xbox 360. Gizmodo: When is that going to be […]

What do you get when you give a camera to some nerds with too much time on their hands? iWars.

Will Apple Ship Wireless Network Storage? at The Apple Blog The Apple Blog is speculating at a Apple NAS (Network Attached Storage) device: This got me thinking. Apple, without announcing it as such, just delivered a wireless network storage device, which if they chose to do so, could serve as centralized backup for anybody‚Äôs home […]

I’ve noticed some people are having a hard time getting this to work, so I decided to write a more complete, detailed guide. Original instructions and support can be found in the Snapstream forums. Standard Disclaimer: I do not work for and am not professionally associated with Snapstream or SiliconDust, and do not assume any […] | Zune News and Forum – Vista Zune Software on Mac Os X via Parallels Zune on my MacBook Pro Hosted on Zooomr I do the samething with XP Pro SP2 with Parallels on my MacBook Pro. Blasphemy, I know, but I like subscription music services and I really like the Zune’s big screen […]

Help us test Beyond TV 4.6.1 (did I mention it includes QAM support?) Snapstream has just released a beta version of Beyond TV, release 4.6.1, which adds support for the HDHomeRun, networked dual tuner device. What does this mean? Beyond TV is Snapstream’s award-winning PVR software (TiVo for your PC). The HDHomeRun allows you to […]

I really don’t like to say I told you so, but after seeing the first real impressions of what video looks like on the Apple TV, it’s hard not to say it. Although it’s amazing that Ben got his at a local Apple Store. Ben Drawbaugh – It’s a good thing I didn’t buy this […]