Photos: Slacker Portable Player – CNET


Slacker portable player from CNET
Photos: Slacker Portable Player – Slacker Portable Player – CNET Reviews
CNET has some photos of the Slacker prototype player. It looks rather large, which is not surprising since Slacker said it would come with a 4″ screen. This makes me wonder why they even need a device with such a large screen for a non-video device unless they’re leaving things open to accommodate the possibility of entering the video market as well. I would expect their 8GB device to be much smaller and more portable, especially since they’re including a SD expansion slot for increased storage. Portable devices are getting smaller and smaller, hence more portable, so for Slacker to debut with a device this bulky without video capability would be a pretty big turn off for many people, including myself. People are complaining about how big the Zune is, and it does do video. Those with larger built-in storage needs will want their 120GB model, which could be acceptable to be as large as this prototype.

CNET mentions:

the final unit will be double-shot and pleasantly textured.

I found this interesting since Apple holds a patent for this. Microsoft is already infringing on this with the Zune, so it would be interesting to see if Slacker would have to throw down some cash to Apple for this feature. Personally, I could care less that my Zune has a doubleshot, and have always found it funny that Microsoft uses it as such a big marketing/selling point.


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