Apple TV: First impressions are in (video not so hot)


I really don’t like to say I told you so, but after seeing the first real impressions of what video looks like on the Apple TV, it’s hard not to say it. Although it’s amazing that Ben got his at a local Apple Store.

  • Ben Drawbaugh – It’s a good thing I didn’t buy this thing for HD

    Played a few clips I encoded with VisualHub and Quicktime, and they played fine.
    I streamed them via 102.11G which no problems.

    They were over-compressed and I don’t think they were watchable, at least not compared to my Blu-ray Player or even my Xbox360.

  • The Apple Blog – Apple TV shows ‘look a bit blurry’

    Apple TV can display HD, but there is almost no such content available. Apple claims “near DVD” quality for iTunes movies, but they don’t come close to DVD images. iTunes TV shows all look a bit blurry, not even matching standard broadcast quality. The bigger and better your display, the worse it will look.

  • Engadget HD – Apple TV: the mother of all interface galleries

    TV shows and music videos don’t look great after being scaled to 720p. Hopefully Apple has some HD content up its sleeve, ’cause otherwise it seems like waste of money to use this with a decent TV unless you want to look at photo galleries all day — which look great, by the way.

  • Thomas Hawk – The Picture Quality on Apple’s new Apple TV is Not Good Enough for Me

    This morning I headed up to the Apple store to check out the picture quality for myself and was very disappointed. On the demo model that they had there (and I’m assuming as a demo at their store they are using the best possible TV and video content they can get) the TV picture quality was just not good enough for me. It’s not HDTV quality.

Of course there are those who are willing to throw down $299 for the ability to stream their music collection (iTunes DRM music included) and their photo collection to their nice widescreen TV, which apparently works fabulously. Personally, I am not one of them and will wait for some HD video goodness.


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