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SnapStream Blog ยป Watch HDTV anywhere in the neighborhood (AKA: House to House wireless network for HDTV) For those times when you wish you could share music, TV shows, etc with your neighbors. I suppose you could just walk over to their house, but where’s the fun in that? Here’s a rundown of the parts/costs. […]

A first look: Inside Windows Home Server (Customer Technology Preview) | TechRepublic Photo Gallery Nice overview of Windows Home Server using a bunch of screenshots. I’ve been using WHS for a few weeks now and really like it so far. I have all my media (photos, music, TV shows, and movies) streaming from it, and […]

Missing Remote: The new world of high definition optical discs and associated acronyms HDCP, AACS, ICT, DOT. Huh? Confused by the mysteries of high definition copy protection, especially when it comes to playing HD content on your home theater PC (HTPC)? Read this clear and concise guide at Missing Remote and put your worries to […]

Core 2 Motherboard Complete List – With Hardware Recommendations for a HD HTPC Want to build a home theater PC (HTPC) capable of playing high definition content? Check out this parts list on the AVS Forums. It’s a very comprehensive and pretty up-to-date list of all the components you’ll need. Thanks to captain_video of the […]

I use Beyond Media to playback and view all the music, photos, and videos I have stored on my home server. I primarily use the DVD Library plugin to play my movie collection. I’ve been using the integrated player in Beyond Media, but it’s pretty basic and lacks some features like resuming playback where you […]

I got a comment, asking how I did this. Here’s a guide that may help: How to install Ubuntu in OS X using Parallels – a complete walkthrough Some of the screenshots are out of date, but the basics are there. I had to select the Parallels “OS Type” as “Solaris” and the “OS Version” […]

I ran into a snag with my client HTPC. After a reboot I got an error, “checksum error – defaults loaded”. I ensured the RAM was securely in-place, I replaced the CMOS battery, but then the system would hang at the Windows loading screen. I then decided to just reformat and do a clean install. […]