Comcast + Fandango = trouble for Couchville?


Comcast To Buy Movie Site Fandango
Does this combination pose a threat to Snapstream’s online TV guide, Couchville?

Fancast, which will launch this summer, will be a national entertainment site where people can search and discover television and movie content, while managing their viewing experience across multiple devices. With Fancast, consumers will be able to search for their favorite shows, movies, actors and actresses, or simply enjoy the video content on the site. Fancast will provide consumers with a place to discover when their favorite shows or movies are “on,” and where they can view them via television, video-on-demand, online or on other devices.


One Response to “Comcast + Fandango = trouble for Couchville?”

  1. Comcast actually paid $200Million for Fandango!!!

    I’m not sure that was worth it. I guess this new “fancast” could be a competitor to Couchville, but that all depends on what Snapstream does with Couchville. As it stands now, it’s just a tv guide with a search feature. If someone wants a simple tv guide, Couchville delivers. If they want more, they’ll go somewhere else anyway.

    I don’t think SS even has a business model (plan) for Couchville yet other than ad revenue. If SS integrates Couchville into BeyondTV and then integrates with Tivo, Sage and/or others they will have a good handle on a regular audience.

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