Apple Media Center?


Lets get those Apple media center rumors flying again. A patent from Apple published today reveals a “module controller” that allows you to view any media on any device connected to it. For example, this implies you can fire up your favorite TV show, song, photo, etc that resides on your Mac for viewing/listening on your iPhone or Apple TV.

From Engadget:

The most optimistic reading of the patent points a sort of modular utopia, where various media components plug into a central hub, letting pretty much anything connected to the network control and display media — fan faves like the iPhone and Apple TV come quickly to mind.

From Gizmodo:

Each Apple component you own will have a software module that plugs into this Module Controller. The software modules will have all the menus and commands for each particular device. So when you fire up the Module Controller (be it from your iPhone or your iMac), the Module Controller will recognize which software modules are plugged in and it’ll show you what menus are available to you. Once you make a selection, the Module Controller will recognize what gadget you’re using and will make sure the menu/interface you choose is displayed in the right size and format for the gadget you’re using. So if you’re using an iPhone and call up an Apple TV command, the Module Controller will make sure it can display all of the Apple TV commands on a small touchscreen (your iPhone).


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