Orb 2.0 Rocks!

Orb 2.0Orb 2.0 Hosted on Zooomr

I hate to use term “rocks” since it’s pretty nerdy, but that’s all I can use to describe it. It’s not perfect, but a big improvement over what Orb used to be. The personal Orb page is much nicer, and has much more functionality. It’s very much like a local client application. Very “Web 2.0” to throw another trendy term out there.

It has some very nice sharing options. For example, check out my publicly shared Orb page. I have the last episode of 24 and both episodes of Drive posted there, which were recorded using Beyond TV. Look at the left-hand column under “Channels”. I can also embed my media in a webpage for playback in Orb’s Flash player. Check out this example. Sorry, you can’t FF/RW and I didn’t edit out any commercials. I’m sure there must be some legal implications to this, but I think it’s pretty cool. Just like sharing videos I have on my PC I can also share other media like photos, music, and documents.


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