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Picture-in-Picture: Would You Use It? – Chris Lanier’s Blog My answer would be, “Hell, yeah!”. I think this should be an included feature with enough “smarts” to deal with all the conflicts that Chris mentions. I’m sure there are people who only have a Media Center PC in a single room with no extenders, and […]

Macworld: News: Copying HD DVD and Blu-ray discs may become legal Now here’s some good news. All I have to say is, “It’s about damn time!”. Under a licensing agreement in its final stages, consumers may get the right to make several legal copies of HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc movies they’ve purchased, a concession […]

SlySoft Forum – How to turn off subtitles or remove them? I just started using PowerDVD Ultra to playback my HD-DVDs, and I’ve noticed that “Superman Returns” doesn’t have a menu (at least I cannot access it with PowerDVD nor the Xbox 360 player). PowerDVD Ultra turns on subtitles and there is not way to […]

  Adding a “Rip DVD” menu item to Beyond Media – OTA HD DVR I remember reading this awhile ago, but forgot to mention it here. This is great “how-to” to include a “Rip DVD” option in your Beyond Media menu. With it you can add a DVD movie to DVD Library in a few […]

BrentEvans: Video Walkthrough of Placeshifting Beyond TV Brent Evans has a nice write-up and screencast of how to stream video from a PC, running Beyond TV. It cannot stream Live TV yet, but it’s still a nice and very welcome feature for Beyond TV users.

Help Build a Media Center Components Database – Chris Lanier’s Blog I always thought sites like this would be very helpful to people looking to build a successful Home Theater PC (HTPC) as long as the site stays current. The biggest issue I see is maintaining a central database of components (hardware, software, drivers, versions, […]

With more “affordable” CableCARD Vista Media Center PCs coming out from the likes of HP and Dell the lucky folks over at Gizmodo and Engadget have been able to play with them, and are ready to share their experiences and thoughts with the rest of us. Installing a Vista CableCARD Media Center PC (part 1): […]