Sansa Connect: Discover new music & an upcoming feature


Yahoo! Music Blog » How to get the most from your Sansa Connect

Steve Raymond of Yahoo! Entertainment and the Yahoo! Music Blog reminds Sansa Connect owners to take advantage of Yahoo! Music’s music discover features like creating mixes based on a particular song or entire existing playlist. I knew about these features. In fact, those features plus the WiFi is what sold me on the device. What I didn’t know was that these mixes are auto-updating like iTunes’ “Smart Playlists”, but even smarter:

…the device is going to do everything it can to keep those mixlists fresh for you. After you have listened to the tracks in a mixlist it’s going start deleting tracks you’ve already listened to and putting new ones on there based on the mixlist criteria and your personalization preferences (based on ratings) as well as some fancy backend algorithms. As long as the device is fairly well charge its going to try to do this housekeeping whenever it notices a WiFi connection that works for it. Like when you are asleep. When you least expect it, expect it.

I’ve been listening to Yahoo! LAUNCHcast radio at work on my Mac (via Parallels) since my Sansa cannot connect to my work’s secured WiFi (it doesn’t use WEP). When I hear a song I like I add it to a playlist. When I get home I have my Sansa download the new songs from that playlist. This is exactly what Steve suggests if you need to get a particular song onto the device:

…you can create a playlist and use the WiFi on the device to get it.

Steve also addresses the top feature request of being able to search Yahoo! Music’s entire catalog from the Sansa Connect. It’s good to hear that they’re listening to their user community and trying to add features that they feel are important. What a mind blowing concept.

And pretty soon you’ll wake up and the device will have updated the firmware over WiFi and you’ll be able to search the catalog in a form factor appropriate way. But I bet you don’t use that feature anywhere near as much as you use mixlists.


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