Add some green to your living room


enano e2

Want to help save the environment, reduce your energy bill, and still have a small form factor HTPC in your living room (0r anywhere else in your house)? Check out the e2 from enano. It seems they are supposed to be Windows Vista capable, sport Intel Core 2 Duo processors, support up to 4GB of RAM, and include onboard video (DVI and s-video) and audio.

From Gizmodo:

Enano claims their new Ecossential PCs are 95% quieter, 80% more energy efficient, and 65% cooler than your typical desktop.

Now those are some impressive numbers, and all very important in a good HTPC. More from CrunchGear:

Aside from the power savings, the e2 has other “green” features such as being mostly made of recyclable materials and an efficient cooling system cuts out the fan din associated with fuller size desktops. Inside, other than a proprietary motherboard, the components are standard off-the-shelf things you’ll find in your average notebook PC.

No one said saving the world was cheap as Gizmodo indicates that these bad boys will set you back anywhere from $1100 to $1800 big ones.

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