Deal-of-the-Day: SiliconDust HDHomeRun / Gyration MCE Remote $199


HDHomeRun / Gyration MCE Remote bundle
SiliconDust HDHomeRun / Gyration MCE Remote Bundle – PCAlchemy

This is great deal considering PCAlchemy is selling the remote for $99 and the HDHomeRun for $169 individually.

The MCE remote has Gyration’s motion sensor technology built-in, so you can move the mouse cursor simply by waving the remote in the air.

The HDHomeRun is a dual ATSC/QAM digital networked tuner. This means it connects to your network via ethernet cable and any PC on your local network can access the tuners. You can connect each tuner to either an ATSC (over-the-air via antenna) or QAM (unencrypted digital cable via coax cable) source. I use mine with Beyond TV and it works great! More instructions from Snapstream can be found here.


One Response to “Deal-of-the-Day: SiliconDust HDHomeRun / Gyration MCE Remote $199”

  1. ehternet cables are still the ones that i use for my home networking applications ‘~`

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