PowerDVD Ultra: Now with Purevideo HD (Windows Vista only)


CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra Enriches the Quality of High-Definition Video Playback – Missing Remote

Cyberlink recently released a new patch for PowerDVD Ultra that enables the support of nvidia’s Purevideo HD technology on their 8500 and 8600 video cards. This means that H.264 encoded material (used in some HD-DVD and Blu-Ray disks) can now be 100% decoded by a 8500 or 8600 card, dramatically reducing the load on your CPU. You can download the patch here. As noted be sure you’re upgrading from build 2605.

I recently upgraded to a 8600GTS. Yay for me right? Nope, because what they failed to mention in their press release is that Purevideo HD is only supported in Windows Vista right now, which leaves us XP folks out of luck for now. I was really excited to see that nvidia released a new version of their Forceware drivers for Windows XP (158.22) today, but was quickly disappointed to see that Purevideo HD was not enabled.

PureVideo™ HD support is currently only available on Microsoft® Windows™ Vista


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