New Media Center Components Database Website


Help Build a Media Center Components Database – Chris Lanier’s Blog

I always thought sites like this would be very helpful to people looking to build a successful Home Theater PC (HTPC) as long as the site stays current. The biggest issue I see is maintaining a central database of components (hardware, software, drivers, versions, etc) from all different manufacturers. I don’t think you’d want to be dependent on free-form user input since that easily leads to duplication and unnecessary bloat.

It would be nice to see a more general site than ones dedicated to specific software. The site Chris Lanier mentions is specific to Windows Media Center, and this one is more focused on Linux-based solutions. Anyone interested? Sounds like a fun pet project. I’d be willing to help out, but really believe there is a need to find a source, or multiple sources, to populate the database of components.


One Response to “New Media Center Components Database Website”

  1. 1 Paul

    Hi Grant,
    I agree – the biggest issue with the site is ensuring it stays current. Hopefully enough of the people using it to spec out their next HTPC will then feed back into it when their machine is built. I guess it’s about critical mass.

    Your point about user freetext input is also a concern of mine. For this reason I’ve suggested that people upload the output of DXDiag. However, if they don’t want to do it like that, then they have the option of using free text input. I will be doing a lot of cleansing, matching and de-duping of the data to ensure the integrity is high (my day job as a datawarehouse ETL developer should hopefully come in handy here) so hopefully there shouldn’t be too many hiccups.

    As for a more general site – I think it would be great idea and something I would certainly consider if there is an appetite for it as soon as this site is up and running.


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