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Zatz Not Funny! » Dave Dumps Vista The final straw came last weekend when recording that TiVo animation. I couldn’t do it using Windows Movie Maker – the Vista edition has dropped analog recording. (I ended up capturing via BeyondTV and trimming the clip with WMM.) Advertisements

Friday the 13th is the season premiere of Psych at 10PM (check your local listing). Many of the popular shows are in their off-season now, so I’m having a tough time finding good shows to watch lately. Glad I can add something to my Beyond TV’s recording list.

A couple of shows that I really liked, but were canned, are coming back to air their final episodes. Drive will be airing its final two episodes on Friday, July 13th. The Nine is scheduled to come back and air its final six episodes, starting August 1st. So, don’t forget to set Beyond TV, or […]

I’ve just joined Pownce, the new Twitter founded by Kevin Rose, to check out what all the hype is about. Thanks sMoRT71! Like any social network there really isn’t any value to me until more people I find interesting start using it. However, if you’re curious like I was, then leave me a comment with […]