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YouTube – I’m Steve Jobs – WWDC 07 Work is killing me, so posting has been very scarce. I thought this intro to the Apple WWDC was pretty funny though. Advertisements

I’m sure the hardcore Mac fanboys will be pissed with these clips from Letterman, but I love my Mac and think these are funny. Honestly, I’m getting a bit irritated by these Mac commercials. I missed the first clip, but managed to see the second one last night.

Lets get those Apple media center rumors flying again. A patent from Apple published today reveals a “module controller” that allows you to view any media on any device connected to it. For example, this implies you can fire up your favorite TV show, song, photo, etc that resides on your Mac for viewing/listening on […]

Download of the Day: VLC Remote Interface Dashboard Widget (Mac) – Lifehacker This is great for those rare folks who have a Mac or PC connected to their TV for video playback, and have a Mac laptop. Now you can use this Dashboard widget from your Mac laptop to control VLC on any PC or […]

What do you get when you give a camera to some nerds with too much time on their hands? iWars.

Will Apple Ship Wireless Network Storage? at The Apple Blog The Apple Blog is speculating at a Apple NAS (Network Attached Storage) device: This got me thinking. Apple, without announcing it as such, just delivered a wireless network storage device, which if they chose to do so, could serve as centralized backup for anybody‚Äôs home […] | Zune News and Forum – Vista Zune Software on Mac Os X via Parallels Zune on my MacBook Pro Hosted on Zooomr I do the samething with XP Pro SP2 with Parallels on my MacBook Pro. Blasphemy, I know, but I like subscription music services and I really like the Zune’s big screen […]