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Zatz Not Funny! » Dave Dumps Vista The final straw came last weekend when recording that TiVo animation. I couldn’t do it using Windows Movie Maker – the Vista edition has dropped analog recording. (I ended up capturing via BeyondTV and trimming the clip with WMM.) Advertisements

  Adding a “Rip DVD” menu item to Beyond Media – OTA HD DVR I remember reading this awhile ago, but forgot to mention it here. This is great “how-to” to include a “Rip DVD” option in your Beyond Media menu. With it you can add a DVD movie to DVD Library in a few […]

BrentEvans: Video Walkthrough of Placeshifting Beyond TV Brent Evans has a nice write-up and screencast of how to stream video from a PC, running Beyond TV. It cannot stream Live TV yet, but it’s still a nice and very welcome feature for Beyond TV users.

HTPC client upgrade Hosted on Zooomr Well, I caught the upgrade bug thanks to Brent. Actually, I’ve been thinking about upgrading my client home theater PC (HTPC) for awhile now. It served me well considering I built it with mostly spare parts (Sempron 2400+, 512MB RAM, etc), and it ran HDTV pretty nicely thanks to […]

SnapStream Blog » Record pure digital cable with Beyond TV and the HD Homerun Snapstream has posted a very nice guide to setting up the HDHomeRun with Beyond TV complete with screenshots. You can find my guide here.

SnapStream Blog » Watch HDTV anywhere in the neighborhood (AKA: House to House wireless network for HDTV) For those times when you wish you could share music, TV shows, etc with your neighbors. I suppose you could just walk over to their house, but where’s the fun in that? Here’s a rundown of the parts/costs. […]

Orb 2.0 Rocks!


Orb 2.0 Hosted on Zooomr I hate to use term “rocks” since it’s pretty nerdy, but that’s all I can use to describe it. It’s not perfect, but a big improvement over what Orb used to be. The personal Orb page is much nicer, and has much more functionality. It’s very much like a local […]