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Goombah: Music Search and Discovery Zune needs something like this! I know everyone and their mom has an iPod, but c’mon, we need some good add-ons and accessories for the Zune. Advertisements

Are you an Xbox 360 and a Mac owner who can’t wait and/or don’t want to throw down your hard earned cash for an Apple TV? If so, then give Connect360 a try. For $20 you can stream your music, photos, and videos from your Mac to your Xbox 360. Of course this doesn’t stream […]

Photos: Slacker Portable Player – Slacker Portable Player – CNET Reviews CNET has some photos of the Slacker prototype player. It looks rather large, which is not surprising since Slacker said it would come with a 4″ screen. This makes me wonder why they even need a device with such a large screen for a […]

I’m pretty impressed with the new music service, Slacker. Here’s the rundown from CNET: The device-plus-service combines satellite radio, standard portable music player and Wi-Fi-enabled gadget with 10,000 custom music channels that users can tailor according to their taste, covering virtually every possible genre. The end result is essentially portable radio with video instead of […]