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Yahoo! Music Blog ยป How to get the most from your Sansa Connect Steve Raymond of Yahoo! Entertainment and the Yahoo! Music Blog reminds Sansa Connect owners to take advantage of Yahoo! Music’s music discover features like creating mixes based on a particular song or entire existing playlist. I knew about these features. In fact, […]

I’m not sure if there was an official update released by SanDisk for their Sansa Connect WiFi digital audio player (DAP), but the other day I noticed my Sansa Connect updating with what appeared to be a software update. Since then I’ve noticed an improvement in its wireless signal. My wireless router is upstairs and […]

Sansa Connect Hosted on Zooomr Photos of my Sansa Connect digital music player I snapped some photos of my new Sansa Connect. I couldn’t resist picking up this digital music player when I saw my local Circuit City had it in stock. Also, since they didn’t have it ready for pickup within 24 minutes I […]