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What do you get when you give a camera to some nerds with too much time on their hands? iWars. Advertisements | Zune News and Forum – Vista Zune Software on Mac Os X via Parallels Zune on my MacBook Pro Hosted on Zooomr I do the samething with XP Pro SP2 with Parallels on my MacBook Pro. Blasphemy, I know, but I like subscription music services and I really like the Zune’s big screen […]

Goombah: Music Search and Discovery Zune needs something like this! I know everyone and their mom has an iPod, but c’mon, we need some good add-ons and accessories for the Zune.

Zune – fits nicely in my hand Hosted on Zooomr I picked up Microsoft’s new Zune digital media player a few days after it was released, and I must say I’m pretty impressed. I knew I didn’t want an iPod since I had the old iPod mini, but thought the scroll wheel was just too […]